The 1970’s

Janine Laurence (nee McConchie) says I remember John Fricsons would go round the local comps encouraging anyone he thought had potential to come along to training with Heidelberg. In about 1972 I was playing in a comp at La Trobe Uni for the La Trobe team when he approached a couple of us and encouraged us to come to training, (not sure but training could have been at Uni High School). I guess I was flattered that someone thought I had potential as I really knew very little about volleyball. I nervously went along to training, loved it and joined the club. I remember after we had won successive premierships and National Club Championships Mr Fricsons presented all team members with a silver ‘H’ to wear as a necklace. I still have mine, wonder if others kept theirs?

Jan Stoll says I started playing at age 15 and joined Heidelberg as a teenager in the early 1970’s.I remember Mr Fricsons being very disciplined and very dedicated from the start. He played a major role in women’s volleyball. He recruited top women for Heidelberg and Victorian Junior Teams. He was a very good tactician and was a more conservative coach (didn’t tolerate people mucking about) and he would win with a basic game of volleyball. He was a disciplinarian who got results.”

Mr Fricsons coached both men and women but by mid 1970’s had started to use assistant coaches (Ziggy and John Kruk) and he focused on the women’s teams. Heidelberg women were Victorian premiers for 9 years straight and the top 1 or 2 teams in Australia throughout the 1970’s.

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