The 1960’s

Linda Coustley (nee Horton) says John Fricsons started the Heildelberg Volley Ball club as the Heidelberg High School Volley Ball Team. We trained and played on outside courts before moving to the VAVA. He would pick up all of the players on a Saturday to go to training as we were too young to drive. He collected players from Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Heidelberg West and Greensborough for training and then for weekend games. Even when we won our matches he would go over the whole game with us to ensure that our tactics and skills were kept up to par. We would train in North Melbourne agains a men’s team to build our skills and we would sometimes visit the Sisu team for their training nights. State championships were held in Burwood and Heidelberg was not very well liked because of our long winning streak. We travelled to Adelaide in 1974 for the Australian Championships and came home victorious again. I was a setter in the original high school team which started about 1969 (from memory) and left the club in 1976. I have a school team photo at home and will try to locate it and forward a copy.

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